Ahab's SailSplit PersonalityKnightedJack's Bean StalkBasho's HutChunky Bar SupportKafka's NightmareRubber tire, surrounded by clay to stop plaster from seeping underneath when I pour plaster over itRubber tire shards submerged in plaster waiting to dryWax is poured into plaster mold through small holePlaster molds soak in cold water to help wax solidifyWhen plaster molds are cool--they are pulled apart to reveal wax moldWax pieces are assembled into a sculptureThe purpose of the sprue system is to hold the wax patterns in place until the wax tree is investedVessel made from chicken-cage wire and roofing tarp. The wax sculpture is placed insidePlaster is pours into vessel to submerge wax sculptureLiquid aluminum is poured into plaster cast through holeSmash plaster shell to reveal finished aluminum sculptureFinished aluminum sculpture